A new security tool that actually makes sense.

Looking for: Developer
Byepass is a fresh new era of security.
Complex passwords are daunting and painful to remember, yet necessary to keep yourself secure from brute force attacks and from the hackers of todays world. Everyday users struggle to find the right solution. Users don't want to trust [cloud] companies with their secure information such as passwords, credit card information etc. as those solutions are prone to be hacked. At the same time people don't want to walk around with a USB key carrying all of their stored information as this is a hassle. Byepass is the first application to enable cloud-free password management that allows you to access your accounts without having to remember your password. Byepass enables you to log into your online accounts securely, not only on your personal computers but anywhere in the world such as hostels, hotels, airports, friends etc. We use military grade security to keep your information completely confidential where you are the only person that has access to your information.
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I am looking for an experience techhnical co-founder proficient in mobile development such as Objective-C, Java, Javascript, etc. who is as passionate and serious about making this product a huge success story. We are currently at a stable alpha build and looking to push out a public beta shortly and then move towards focusing on the business road map ahead. 

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