A money making social enterprise that helps young unemployed adults in London into work

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Marketer, Sales person

I want to start a social enterprise. It would be a media company based in East London, offering event management, video production, graphic/web design, online marketing and printing services to clients in London.

Whilst we do this, we work with young unemployed adults in Barking and Dagenham, Newham and Tower Hamlets, offering workshops and seminars. These people will also work with our project managers on projects we work on for clients. They will gain skills and experience that they can develop through our workshops and build a CV. We will then help them apply for relevant roles and prepare them for interview and hopefully they will get a full time job at the end of it all. We will travel to schools/colleges and universities in the boroughs, to talk about what we do and to get an interest from young people.

This has the potential to be very successful. Unemployment in those boroughs is worse than any other boroughs in London. In terms of making money, the need for all these services is constant as new businesses startup everyday and even established businesses need advice/assistance with the likes of branding, events and marketing.

I am keen to work with someone who has a keen interest in social enterprise and preferably experience in the services being offered. I have started to write up a business plan and need this to be developed even further so that we can work out how much funding will be needed and come up with ways in which to fund this initivative.

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