A mobile platform let you easily build and share content enriched location collections

Looking for: Developer, Marketer, Sales person
Leafcanoe is a location based mobile platform. It will enable you to build and share your POI(point of interest) collections that can be anything from exotic hidden travel gems, classic attractions and great fishing spots to delicious food explorations.Using this platform, people can easily follow discoveries by friends, bloggers, travel experts, or local guides while busy on the road or relaxing at home. It will be no longer a hassle to figure out a vacation itinerary, a great spot to fish big bass, or a dining place at the last minute. What’s more, it can even serve as a smart audio guide to help you explore places while strolling around.

With the capability of searching by locations and tags, or, discovering from friends and following experts. It will become extremely easy to spot places in your interested areas and topics referenced by your friends or experts you trust.

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