A messaging app that sends clips of of films/TV to other users.


Clipstr is a messaging app that allows users to communicate through clips of movies and TV programmes.  For example, a greeting could be “How you doin' ?” (Joey from Friends), a possible reply could be “You talkin' to me?” (Robert De Niro from Taxidriver) and so on. The conversation can also be watched in preview mode, with all the clips edited together. The clips will be available to the user by via the built-in browser. If the user wants to watch any of the complete films that the clips are taken from, an option will also be available to download the title through itunes. 

In a nutshell a single-function messaging app like Clipstr can stimulate creativity by giving users new challenges. The added constraints of only being able to use clips prompts the user to be creative, in this case - the movie is the message.

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