A gamified mobile messaging platform turning interpersonal communication into a game.

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer

Hynt aims to gamify messaging. It lets you create hidden messages with simple and fun-to-perform instructions on how to reveal them. People can use various 'messaging templates' in Hynt to drive up anticipation and buzz for any given message. E.g. "invite 3 friends to reveal" or "guess 5 times to reveal" or "show up at this location to reveal" or "show me yours and I will show you mine". These instructions, or hynts, are shareable on FB/Twitter/SMS/Email/Instagram(coming soon). 
Today's messaging and social apps enable users to post messages and don't require the audience to 'do anything' in order to receive them, and so engagement and virality are subjective. Hynt aims instead to get audiences to participate and in turn (gradually or fully) reveal the message. Hynts are fun and easy for the audience, and beneficial and informative to the sender.

Hynt's broader vision is to enable people to bond more closely with one another through gamified interpersonal communication.

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