90% finished proposition - seeking developer & SEO Guru

Looking for: Developer, Marketer

About me:

Hi, I am Mark. Originally from the UK then moved to work in Dubai. I am an experienced operational/functional director with strong commercial and entrepreneurial acumen. I have excellent abilities in identifying opportunities and problems and developing strategies to drive value for customers and across functions. Governance respecting, I am able to manage risk exposure for businesses with excellent calibration markets. I am also a people change leader driving people's development, skills, and accountability within an empowered and supported culture.  I have extensive experience in E-commerce and digital marketing from strategy to execution and monitoring.

My proposition:

I have a proposition that thinks is extremely relevant to the next 2 years of economic conditions.  As we know the economy as a result of the pandemic is expected to drive the global economy into possibly the worst position since 1930.  This combined with fiscal easing policies with has three impacts.  1) Higher unemployment 2) lower net incomes relative to inflation 3) higher costs driven by fiscal easing inflation. 

So, what does this mean????? It means people will need to earn extra money and there is an expectation a great deal of this will come from the ‘grey economy’.

I have defined a set of sites to help people generate incomes and income boosts.  We are 90% done on the first proposition.  We have created the site so that we hope to be able to leverage many of the components for further proposition rollout including:

Affiliate portal

Admin and payment management console

Client Registration

Client Payment  


The site is monetarised in several ways, but our main focus is to drive critical mass usage, site valuation and then seek a sale potentially to parties who can additional monitorisation methods and sweat the asset.

We have a developer already, but his current job has changed, and he is finding it hard to contribute.  We see him as a valued member but believe we need to add additional developer minds to the team to accelerate the progress and further propositions.  We would also be interested in an SEO guru as well.

So, what’s in it for you?  Well, we believe in a fair and equitable founder model were founders have a fair stake in exchange for their time this includes exit sale as well as operational income stake.

If you’re interested in discussing this, please message me.



Additional Info

  • Time commitment: part time (10h/week)
  • Idea stage: closed beta