Dively is a scuba diving start-up. The story of this project comes from personal experience. My friends & I go on scuba diving trips regularly and we need:- a better way of tracking our dives (needed for passing certifications & sometimes for our own amusement)- advice on where exactly to dive & with which club, so that the experience is…
Relefant provides employees fast-access to relevant information in the corporate world. We give employees a quick and easy way to view and access information via our customizable visual dashboard, which aggregates information from multiple background systems. Basically, we help employees do their work more better and save time; for corporations this means increased productivity and huge cost savings.

Seeking software developer in new industry

Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Product manager
A revolutionary communication tool sold to provincial/state governments, for use by emergency service workers.

iForums is live. Need investors/cofounders for the next step.

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
Hello,iForums App was just an idea, it is finally developed and launched.I launched the App on Apple Store, the android Version is going to be launched soon.It is designed to be an app for text and Audio Forums. A simple and user-friendly design for mobileand tablet users.I am looking for Investors/co-founders for a big Advertising campaign to reach the biggest…
I have launched Frubee, a dry fruits and spices brand (condiments and sauces coming up). I am looking for a co-founder with wide sales and marketing experience to help me launch this brand into the stratosphere and beyond. Please contact me if you have more than 10 years of experience in managing a food FMCG brand and with sales and…

Start selling our products on the US market.

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
We are a new ammo and weapons company in VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, EU. We produce 12 gauge cartridges and slugs and we plan to start selling our products on the US market.Our ammo is innovation. non toxic, precise and not expensive.We want to start selling on the US market, and in the future - to organize production in the US
Hi everyone! I am a marketer with what I feel is an innovative idea and basic design for a product but without the engineering skills to design a prototype that I can beta test and pitch. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work and experience with fundraising, conventions, grant writing, and communications. I have the background and passion to…
Ever wondered where your assets are ? Adding a tracker is easy...they mostly rely on GPS and uplink their data on a cellular network. The major downside being : -High cost-Low battery life timeWe've been developing a product that ->does not rely on GPS ,->is low cost and->has a battery life of 3+ years :)We're still looking for:-Sales managers from…

Clouds that know what you do

Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Other
A project that changes everyday tasks. The cloud asks you "what are you doing?" And with your information, it finds for you sites about what you're doing. The page can expire. This is also a cloud that predicts what you are doing because of your pattern, and quickly returns websites that have materials on the subject.