Current social media platforms do not provide enough of a focus and purpose to their users. This has lead to a massive amount of boring, uninteresting, and purposeless content. One type of content there is a plethora of, however, are visions and predictions about our future made by pundits, politicians, journalists, scientists, celebrities, and others. Plenty of people are talking…
Coachilla is a coaching marketplace that connects consumers to personal coaching via calls & video. We help consumers find the right coach for any life issue including personal growth, career, health, relationships and more. For coaches we offer an effective platform to find new customers, in addition to tools to easily manage their online presence and online reputation. We believe…

Bike Holder

Looking for: Designer, Engineer
Looking for an engineer and a designer to create and develop a prototype for an new advanced bike holder usable for bicycle and motorcycle, to be sold in large-scale.It will be essential for all bikers especially now, bike market is extremely hot and governments are investing in cycle lanes and giving incentives and pushing more sustainable transports.

CorTexter, your digital recruitment assistant

Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Other
Recruiters want more transparency and objectivity to provide equal chances for all job seekers and stimulate diversity and inclusiveness. Humans are able to retrieve, integrate and valuate information very well, although renown for their biased, subjective view on people. Computers are renown for their accurate, repeatable output, although having difficulties retrieving and interpreting unstructured data, and lack gut feeling or…

Financial Literacy Education Site for Low/Average Income Earners

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager, Other
I'm working on building a blog to educate the world in financial literacy. I'd like to have the blog in English and Spanish. I'm looking for someone who has expertise in building wordpress blog site, fluent in spanish, and/or interested in writing on financial topics. On my site, I'd eventually also like to offer a self-serving/automated financial planning tool to…

Let's Change the Shaving Experience

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Other
LOOKING FOR AN EQUITY PARTNER OR FUND RAISER. Speed Razor will change the shaving experience for both men and woman. It will be the only razor in the marketplace that is held in the palm of your hand with two opposing blades which allows the consumer to shave in both directions. The ribbed finger wings give you total control while…
A startup designing IoT based solution for safeguarding pharmaceutical shipments. Medicine is sensitive to temperature and is damaged by temperature. many pharmaceutical shipment arrive damaged to its final destination by temperature. a problem causing pharmaceutical industry US $35 billion annualy. we have a full comprehensive solution for this problem to safeguard pharmaceutical shipments from end to end with special focus…

Prevention Software Solutions

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Other
An Artificial Intelligence Saas startup that mines data of middle, high-school and college students in an attempt to prevent future school shootings. EHR(Electronic Health Records) Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat) School Administrators & law enforcement would subscribe to the service for a monthly fee. The algorithm would rank students based upon the level of risk they pose based upon…

Driverless Autonomous Trains

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
We are using autonomotive technology to revolutionise railways with autonomous trains - making them run on time, reducing delays, and lowering costs.We have a 90m test track under construction and we did some work for the Swiss Railways on one of our other tech projects.We are a team of control systems engineers and we're looking for software engineers to help…

Modern and dynamic marketplace to buy and sell music (beats)

Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person, Other
I'm developing a modern and dynamic marketplace where singers can buy music productions to sing on from producers. Producers can pay one of the three monthly subscription available (Basic, Advanced, Unlimited) and they will immediately get their own online store where they can upload their beats and customize the store.The brand is going to be a multi-service platform where artists…