Personalized health interventions, including nutrigenomics (encompassing nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, and nutritional epigenetics) are the wave of the future. With optimized use, they are believed to hold great potential for increasing efficacy and efficiency of care, thus curtailing suffering and saving money. The current popularity and attempted use of nutrigenomics has largely outpaced knowledge of many practitioners and progress in research. As…
We are an international translator. …but we instead of translating between languages, we translate between businesses. My company works with businesses --- specifically small to medium sized wholesale buyers and sellers --- to facilitate, streamline and expedite the import/export process. Buying and selling is a simple thing within your own country. When you seek to do business in the global…

Voice of the Customer for Travel

Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
For travel companies, the ability to get repeat bookings and to get existing customers to recommend their friends is enormously appealing. Repeat customers not only cost less to acquire but also tend to spend more. However, for many travel agents, they do not have control of the products they sell. Good hotels go bad, service is not all that it…
Already have a TELEMEDICINE platform for second opinions. I am looking for a technical co-founder to help further develop the platform and to launch the business. Have access to a large medical network and have secured funding. Looking for co-founder preferably with healthcare IT background and development skills.
UNLEASH THE POWER OF CLINICAL DATA Unlimited searching, monitoring and analyzing data available in Electronic Health Records. Discover the best solution on the market dedicated for medical doctors - MedStream Designer. EVEN MORE COMPLEX SEARCH QUERY? YES, IT'S FAST AND EASY! Create any search pattern using unique graphical interface TIMELINE Including the time relation between events represents an innovative approach…

music video brokerage app

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
AXLRY (pron. auxiliary) displays music video directors based on a users (artist or record label) selected budget and location. users can select directors to request treatments from and directors are notified of the request. Directors can accept or decline which treatement requests for which they would like to create multi-media treatments. Users can then accept or decline the proposed treatments.…

Conversion AI wigdet

Looking for: Biz developer, Sales person
Prodabot is a widget for ecommerce websites to increase conversion using AI to build dialogs.Unlike call-back widgets and online chats, it does not require human operators behind every dialog. Unlike chat bots, it is not limited to text, and uses modal windows with rich content.Every ecommerce website struggles to get conversion higher then 1%. Prodabot can learn from millions of…
When you feel like you've heard every song on Pandora and Spotify is suggesting you listen to more of the same there are real people who are music experts hand-picking music you'll love every day via internet radio, for free.Internet radio has long been a hidden gem online and I want to leverage that knowledge and content base by promoting…

Leftist: UK Media Outlet

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer
I am interested in creating a left wing media site like TYT but for the UK. Leftist/The Leftist domains have been bought and I'm still in the ideas stage. I know that I will need someone who can design/build websites who is passionate about the subject matter!

Savings Ninja

Looking for: Developer
The app that saves yours savings, and lets you decide where the savings go.