Innovative drink

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
The creation of a brand new product in the category of euphoria boosting drinks, that don’t have analogues, with entry into the world market. In comparison with the existing products in the market, my formula of drink has innovative character,and it's the all natural,colorie free,non alcoholic,hangover free,and toxic free solution to a completely satisfying euphoric experience that can last all…

Quikjobs: Post or Work One-Time Jobs in your Area

Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Product manager
Quikjobs LLC was founded on June 6, 2016 with the purpose of allowing users of the original site ( the ability to post or work one-time jobs in their area by setting up a profile and then either adding jobs to the communal job calendar on the site or selecting to work ones they found interesting. I set up an…
Native American Languages are disappearing, but it doesn't mean that people don't want to learn! Using Verbal Behavior & applied behavior analysis, we can create an app to teach Native Language.

Innovate Healthcare for People with Disabilites

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer
Each year and in every state the government pumps billions of dollars into healthcare for people with disabilities in the hopes that organizations and families will be provided the best services and supports in the most integrated/inclusive settings possible. What really happens? The systems to make this happen for people have not evolved at the pace as the rest of…
UBER & Lift direct competition, this concept is new and innovative, current transportation systems won't be able to compete as this new process will empower both driver and user, savings for user is more than 50% compared with UBER and Lift, also no large infrastructure or manpower is required. This idea does not follow the Ride sharing concept either. NDA…

Systems & Asset Management with Smartphone Barcoding

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
++ Update: Extended platform to include smartphone app (ASSETCore) for Barcode scanning and tracking of assets and RFID location automation.This is a 100% finished suite, all code is done, apps are public on Google and Apple App Store - Need help and colaboration to go-to-market!Desktop Management & Support: Simplified Discovery, Remote Control, Inventory Management, Software Deployment, Desktop Imaging and Deployment,…

Eboard Secure Mail

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer, Engineer
In a world where secure communication has never been more important, we see the pitfalls of insecure messaging systems. Incidents like the Sony and DNC email hacks show us just how vulnerable we are to private or proprietary information being stolen or otherwise misused. Current systems tout end to end encryption to keep messages safe in transit from the sender…

CRM for Your Industry

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer
I have developed an integrated cloud-based application that includes CRM, Project management, and time tracking functionality. It is currently available and includes general functionality that will work across a variety of professional service industries. I would like to create an industry specific version for a niche that you are very familiar with and that you can sell the product into.If…

legal marijuana stores

Looking for: Biz developer, Product manager, Sales person
Legal use of marijuana was passed in several states during November elections. My thought is to start up a shop that people could purchase legally.

Android ASSETCore by xCLOUD Systems Management Software

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
Android ASSETCoreby xCLOUD Systems Management Software