Real Estate Investment Company

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer
The real estate value is usually always up-trending. But what's even more interesting, is that the rental prices are going up especially in metropolitan areas. My idea is to buy real estate to rent it, mainly for residential lease and some of it for commercial lease. I want to create a multinational organization with field offices in different parts of…
We want to decentralize the fulfillment and logistics process, the market for small packages and fulfillment alone is 238B globally, while Logistics as a whole is an 8 Trillion dollar market. Our growing edge is that the current competition lacks vision for scale, the largest market share in logistics is XPO in North America, and they only capture 5.5% of…

Social media startup

Looking for: Developer
We are looking for a CTO to develop iOS for social media startup. We will give more details once an NDA is signed, but we have a strong go to market strategy and excellent working team. We prefer a co-founder in Ohio. The opportunity would be for equity and will be one of the first paid employees once funding is…

Real Estate Development Company

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Engineer, Sales person, Other
Housing markets are gaining tremendous value especially in emerging markets. Now is the time to create a company that will build real estate for commercial and residential use. Capital will be raised. Construction contractors will be hired. Real estate sales companies will sell condos and office spaces bringing profit directly to the developing company. I firstly call upon each of…

More efficient marketplace to buy and sell websites

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer
Problem: Websites valued at $1,000,000 (possibly as high as $5 million) and below are impossible to finance a purchase of, and pull equity from, which leads to what I believe are depressed values. Selling for only between 2-3 times Annual Net Income. Solution: #####
Existing trading journal solutions for Forex traders have these major issues: - Have to manually input trades - Analytics aren't useful- Reports don't show traders how to improve - Reports can't analyze manual backtesting results I know what traders need, but I don't have the development skills to make it a reality. I'm looking for a technical co-founder to work…

Building a Founding Team for an Innovative Global Marketplace

Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager
Founder of an innovative global marketplace looking for 2 Co-Founders.Co-founder A - Developer/Engineer or Product ManagerCo-founder B - Marketing/Growth Product is launched, and fully functioning. Will share website, details with interested parties. Gearing up to raise a seed round. Need a solid team to help scale this quickly so we can make major moves in 2019.
My idea is to create a Hedge Fund or an Equities Trading Business in the city of New York. I already have the structure in place. I also have over 5 years of investor relationship management experience, covering the entire lifespan: From the investor acquisition to the eventual exit. I would prefer to team up with individuals living in New…
Riddlebook is a marketplace for online treasure hunt games with real prize money. There are free games, sponsored games, and paid games. Paid games are the main source of income. If there is a game played by 1000 players around the world, the income will be 10000$. We will give around 5000$ - 7000$ to players and we will get…