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Biz developer
United Kingdom
Problem-solving, Standing the test of time, Seizing an opportunity, Networking, Staying focused on the long term, Creating, Evolving, Thinking small in order to Create big, Collaborating, Time management, Character building.

"there is no secret to success, it is the result of preparation, smart work, and learning from failures"
(Women and Men in Tech - The internet is only 30yrs young) - Let that sink in.


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"Life does not give you what you ask for in your dreams, it gives you the people, the places and the situations that allow you to create, develop and execute what you ask for or envision and in return if harnessed correctly your unrealistic dreams/visions/goals becomes yours and the world's reality to share and enjoy. And if you do not get it right the first time, life will give it to you again and again. "

My name is Josh and I am looking for tech-driven people/entrepreneurs who seriously want to take the leap into there dreams - I am a progressive, transparent, hard-working, curious, unrealistic dream chaser who is able to withstand the test of time to reach the targeted goals and I always maintain a white belt mentality to turn dreams into a reality.

My mission is to seek a team to execute the Lean Startup Blue Ocean Strategy within the short-form video sharing space.

It is vital to have a great team put together to create an app like this.
Absolutely, no amount of funds and features can help if the app doesn’t have a kind of team that can create absolute wonders with the app development process and withstands the test of time.

The characteristics I'm looking for in a co-founder and future team members are creative, innovative, disruptive, curious, open-minded Vision/dream-developers who carries progressive energy, integrity, transparency, and a family-orientated aura. Artists who loves, breathes, lives for writing codes, creating, designing, structuring, re-developing, networking and making things happen.

Skills; Technical - Computer Science - Machine Learning - Server - Software - Frameworks - Programming Languages

I must say loudly this is not an "accept investment from the person who offers the most finance" neither a "gives up at the first hurdle when signs of turbulence arise" startup - we must be able to withstand the test of time, be resilient in order to disrupt and carry out an innovative vision - Airbnb founders who camped in there flat - resulted and relied upon designing, making and selling breakfast cereal (Obama O's and Cap'n McCain's) to finance themselves when investors did not believe in their vision/dream - Airbnb a $31 billion mistake many investors and family members regret.

I have a flat rented next to Vauxhall Bridge London which I'm opening my door to the co-founder and 2 original team members who come on board to make this happen ... rent is covered. the fridge will always be full.

Women and Men in tech If you are someone with a technical background who wants to get involved in a longterm project, definitely get in touch, even if it's just to chat.

or budding entrepreneurs feel free to contact me on 07448624044

Quote that best describes your way of thinking

“Their is so much stuff yet to be invented, Their is so much new stuff that is going to happen, People don’t have any idea yet how impactful the internet/digital world is going to be and this is still day 1 in such a big way” - Jeff Bezos

A startup that will contribute to making hundreds of millions of lives a little bit more fulfilling.

Why not you?

Message me if my co-founder is you. (+44) 07448624044
"It's easier to create the future than predict it"
over time (>40h/week)
up to 5.000

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