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Biz developer
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I have over 25 years in Real Estate Development and Mortgages and 15 years of Mergers and Acquisitions.
I have a number of talents as far as Real Estate is concern work as mortgage banker selling both commercial and residential mortgages as a 3rd party broker on Walls Street; and have develop and built everything from an 900 sq. ft singe family home to apartments complexes and hot and cold warehouses. However I was introduce by a former co-worker to something so New and Counterrevolutionary that I wanted to jump into it ASAP. It is going to change not only Real Estate Development but Real Estate Financing. Crowdfunding for Real Estate. By allowing a company the right to use the web to talk to 100 of millions of investors world wide you can develop and build in different areas of the world. I need a investor/partner with $25,000 USAD. Listen, while the Real Estate Market may be down in one part of the world through Crowdfunding, a company can develop in any other parts of the world. It allow you to spread Capital Risk on a given project or projects not just on the bank and the borrower or borrowers but an entire pool of investors. Crowdfunding allows a lower price point for the investors to part of the transaction. No longer will one or two investors have to carry the load to fiance; develop; and build a project. Now you can have pool 12000 to 200,000 of small investors with a price point as low as $100.00. This is going to change the way Real Estate Financing will be done in the future. I NEED A INVESTOR/PARTNER WITH $25,000.00 USAD. I have a number of Real Estate Transactions with the actual land owners to develop the sites 3 to 4 and even more. We can then take the proceeds from these transactions alone with the proceed we will raise from other sources and start our own Crowdfunding Platform.
I have been in Real Estate since I was 16 years old working for my father. I am 56 years old. I seen and done a number of things in the 25 years as far as Real Estate is concern. I have started on the ground floor and have work my way up a number of times. BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY THING LIKE CROWDFUNDING FOR REAL ESTATE IT IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WAY REAL ESTATE FINANCING IS DONE; FROM THE GROUND UP.
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