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I am an Enterprise Architect & Engineer. I possess a CAN DO philosophy and I don't believe in the "impossible". I have huge experience in business and start-ups as a Co-founder, CEO, CIO/CTO and a consultant. I always act business-wise and I have special skills on Hacking and Cloud.
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G. Delaportas: «The impossible is a word that does not exist in my vocabulary...»

George A. Delaportas (33 years old) is a Greek Enterprise Architect, an IT Security Expert / Hacker and a Serial Entrepreneur.

George got his BSc degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering (Greece) at 2006 and then his MSc in Networking and Data Communications (London, UK) at 2011. George holds also a certification from Stanford University and UBC in Game Theory & Strategic Decision Making (Planning) and a certification from Eindhoven University of Technology in Data Process Mining. He speaks English fluently and he is a beginner in German and Japanese.

The last 10 years, George has been working with small, medium and large companies all over the world. He possesses strong background and experience as an engineer, developer and architect, especially with Internet technologies. He worked in Hi-Tech companies and also had a great opportunity to work in the Space Industry with ESA, NASA and JAXA. He also co-developed the largest homeland & civilian security & real-time protection system on Earth (SafeCity). George also lead and co-developed with another 15 companies two large pharmaceutical platforms, Chronious and PERFORM. George has also been working with the Royal Family of Serbia and lead a team of top notch engineers for designing a patent-pending platform.

George has significant experience in military & paramilitary grade systems. Between 2012 and 2013 he participated in global defence projects and worked side by side with military, technology institutes, police departments and joined forces with well respected agencies like Mossad. He has top secret clearance under certain circumstances and he is a Chief Security Officer & Consultant for several companies in the industry.

In the past, George co-founded startups and has experience as a team leader, manager and director. He is the Architect and CEO of PANDOO, the world's first web-based O/S, now open sourced as GreyOS. He is also the inventor and co-founder of Hash-box (#box), an integration IoT platform for developers and a total solution for end-users. George is mostly well known though, for his contribution in the Internet industry and Facebook for his free tool, Fake FB. Fake FB is an utility that discriminates fake profiles and recognizes pedophiles.

George has worked or participated in projects that costed more than 300 million Euro. Due to his experience and work he now holds patents in web architectures, security and other fields. ?e is an Open Source developer with five major projects and a codementor/coach.

George is also a relatively active researcher and published several IEEE papers up to day. His research interests are mainly in computer & network security, A.I, robotics, DSP and others. Today, George is in the global TOP 0.5% of scientists in his field according to the Academia platform. One of his publications with title: "Analysis on Common Network Attacks and Vulnerability Scanners" is considered to be the starting point of young researchers around the globe.

George developed and publicized in 2006 his innovative A.N.N. It named it, G.A.N.N (Geeks A.N.N). His paper is amongst the most respected in the field of A.I. His work made a significant breakthrough as NIST adapted the free and open source implementation of G.A.N.N (developed by George Delaportas in C++) in 2009 and is still using it to process macromolecules and their behaviour, looking for patterns.

George is also an active and proud member of the Rotary International and also member of the Rotary International Cadre (Economic & Community Development). Finally, George has been awarded by the "Who is Who" institute in 2012 as one of the most influencing young scientists / individuals of the year.
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