Success story from Australia: FindMyTradey.
Interview with co-founder Joshua.

What made you get into entrepreneurship?
I am Joshua Real, 26 years old and a father of two children under 3 so I was always looking at finding ways to make some extra money especially around Christmas time. I was always constantly developing ideas and would share them with my wife all the time. I would often say that I would run with one of my ideas and my wife would just smile at me because she knew that while I had lots of ideas. I was pretty lazy. One day after I had told her about my idea for FindMyTradey she gave me that same polite smile and said to me "we both know that you will never do anything with this idea". CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! From that moment on I spent all my free time developing and researching my idea. Just so I could prove her wrong!

How did you come up with the idea for FindMyTradey? (and what does it do?)
FindMyTradey is a website that allows people to post jobs they need done around the house (such as fixing a leaky tap) and local tradesmen and builders can quote on the job.

The idea for FindMyTradey came about from speaking to local tradesmen and builders. Many of them complained having lost jobs due to the Global Financial Crisis and they couldn't afford to advertise to replace these jobs. I starting thinking about this and slowly the idea for FindMyTradey began to develop.

At what stage was it that you started looking for a cofounder?
It took a while before I realised that I needed a cofounder. I first needed to figure out what constructing a website such as mine would involve. I didn't have much money to invest in the site as I am a father of two children under 3 so I knew that I couldn't pay someone to develop it for me. So I began asking if anyone knew a good web developer that might want to work on the site with me. It was a frustrating process trying to find someone. At the same time I began to teach myself the basics of HTML and PHP and started to work on my own basic version of what was to become FindMyTradey.

Tell us about your “online dating” process with Founder2be.
My "online dating" process was a bit different from what I imagine it is for most people. I had a bit of interest in the website from developers but either I didn't click with them or they wanted too much for their role. In the meantime I had basically built the basic version of my website and it seemed to work. One night when I was on Facebook I had a random message from a guy who said that he saw my idea on Founder2be. At first, I was pretty cautious. In truth it turned out that this developer had already developed a website similar and far better than mine. He told me that he preferred to develop websites and didn't have the passion to run them. It was a match made in heaven!

What do you like best about using Founder2be to find a co-founder online?
The best thing about Founder2be was the connections that I established within the Sydney Australia Start Up scene. I had sent short messages to a few people with similar interests to myself on the site. Following these emails I was invited to several meetups around Sydney and this truly helped me on my path to entrepreneurship. The other great thing about Founder2be was the feedback I received after I posted my idea. People actually seemed to like my idea which was very validating and gave me a confidence boost to keep going.

What advice would you give to others interested in starting a startup (or joining one)?
My main advice that I give everyone who is thinking of starting a startup is... Just do it! Don't sit around procrastinating and wondering what would happen. Take a chance because once you start it is addictive and you will begin to see business possibilities everywhere. Also don't be afraid to chat with people and say hi to other entrepreneurs. The startup community is very friendly and welcoming and everyone is always willing to help even if they are your competition!

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