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Hello, I'm a Toronto-based serial entrepreneur who has access to roughly $50,000 in initial funding to lead the development of wireless forms software. Wireless forms allow a company's staff to fill out custom company-related forms on their phones instead of by paper. Benefits include fewer spelling errors, lower data-entry costs, no lost forms and info available and actionable in real-time. Combined with some innovative features from another company I own, the venture has the potential to become the leader in wireless forms software and will follow a SaaS business model.

I'm looking for a sweat-equity partner to manage day-to-day business development. Most of your days will be spent recruiting and managing sales staff, and leading strategic partnerships with software vendors who sell complementary products. We have an overseas call centre that can provide lead development at roughly $1.50/hour, so considering the initial funding there will be plenty of leads from small and medium businesses. I have also already recruited a team that will be performing SEO and AdWords campaigns, and will personally oversee website development. I will also oversee operations management so that you can focus solely on new business development.

You will receive 10-20% equity in the company in exchange for managing business development, in addition to commissions from each sale. We can also discuss a modest salary during the first 4 months if needed. You will initially receive 10% equity and that equity will grow on a sliding scale in proportion to the amount of cumulative revenues that are generated.

We already have a software development company that is ready to create the software and the software itself should not cost more than $10,000 to develop once I've negotiated with potential and reputable software developers. Since roughly $50,000 in initial funding is available, there should be roughly $40,000 to spend on initial lead generation campaigns once the software is developed. Software development will likely take 60 days. At this point, we're looking for a talented Head Business Development officer with a Degree or Diploma in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math and experience in software business development or sales experience in general. Once this person is found, we will proceed.

I'm very well-connected to wealthy investors and other funding sources. To give you an idea, a recent investor's next meeting was for a multi-million dollar deal. We can also make use of some of the existing code written for my other company when additional features add value to the software.
-property maintenance company - grew it to six figures of revenue in several cities by age 21
-renovations and painting company
-managed Canadian business development for a software company
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