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Biz developer
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I love trying to guess new social trends and customs and normally hit! I remember thinking on a TV show recording people 24-7 in a house when I was 11 years old...I think I may have a good idea, doable that would make certain group of people lifes a bit easier, though is not the next Big Brother!

Professionally, one of my passions has been to create teams and processes from scratch to reach ambitious goals, doing anything in my hands to get them what they need to outperform in their tasks. I feel easy to create a fun work environment where creativity and self-responsability come naturally. I have also managed (although is not my favourite) to create and control departamental budgets (approx 1,5 M Eur) during the last 5 years I worked in a global wind turbine manufacturer. I realized how important is funding to run a technical department, and I would love to apply the tricks to rise funding for this new start-up.

Last but no least, I have been serving VERY demanding customers during 8 years, trying to adapt our offerings to their (not always reasonable) demands, and I liked it!. So my role in this adventure will be Founder, Finance, General coordination, Accountant, team builder, product developer...among others

I am also taking CSS/HTML/Wordpress lessons (I knew how to program basic stuff in GW-Basic and HTML years ago) to support and understand the technical part as much as I can.
I am building the team who will develope the consultant revolution within the renewable energy industry. I believe we ideally need to be a team of 3 co-founders.

I am looking for someone willing to join a success story from the beginning. There is a plan in place and of course we want to build a game-changing, profitable company in the long-term. However, it is key that your main motivation is to learn, try and failure together as a team. We will make it but the learning experience of creating a new way of working within the industry needs to be what drives you first.

We are now looking for a tech girl/guy who join the team and help us to develop the first version of the platform and make the adjustments needed once we receive feedback from early adopters. The technical responsible would have absolute freedom to decide about technical matters and programming language, as long as it reaches the business objectives and it is aligned with the values and soul of the start-up (usability, simplicity, quickness). If you are ready to show your programming capabilities to the world, and want to join a young, enthusiastic team of founders who believe that internet start-ups can improve people lifes, contact us today to get more details!

If you do not have a technical profile but the idea sounds also atractive to you, contact me and we will see how you can collaborate. There is a lot to do in the next 3 months!
Cooking burgers at McDonalds, selling videogames, preparing deliveries at a warehouse, promoting typical spanish products in malls, selling PCs and laptops at PCCity, all during my studies.

After that, I moved to York (UK) where I worked as "Breakfast Chef" (lit) at Novotel and also a waiter in a very British old hotel. Back in Spain, I have been a trained in the Spanish Minister of Industry and then started to work in the wind industry, first as data cruncher and analyst in EDPr and then as a Wind & Site Engineer in Vestas.

I then moved to Istanbul (Turkey) where I became Technical Manager, travelling a lot to great countries in the region (Syria, Lebanon, Dubai, etc) and meeting customers every week. Back in Spain I became Head of Siting (my deparment) in EMEA. 2 years after that I have decided that I have learned and suffered enough in the big corporate world, and it is time to pursue the dreams that are pursuing me since some years for now.

I have just got the LEED Green Associate Certification on sustainable buildings.

I love travelling and meeting people from different cultures. I have visited 27 countries so far! I am a fresh new PADI Open Water Diver. I also go every weekend to Madrid outskirts to ride my Trek MTB. Well, and I love wine too...
full time (40h/week)
up to 10.000

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