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Advisor, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
I am good at Marketing, business development, management, networking, life experiences, brainstorming, strategy, and cultural development within a company. I believe that a good chemistry is just as important as the ideas and skills members have to offer, because people will want to work and improve their skills to push the company forward, not because they have to. Also, I think company image is a very important factor as well! It's also fun!
I love gaming, I love anime, I love meeting new people, learning new things. I get a strong sense of accomplishment from doing the impossible, and I love to collaborate with others! Entrepreneurship is more than just a way to make money, it's a lifestyle, a culture, and I want to work with others who are also motivated by this concept, to show the world what we are capable of accomplishing, when you set your mind to it, and believe in yourself!

Contact me via skype: ceo.gerald or the other contact provided below if you want to discuss an idea or anything!
My primary startup is DreamsLinked. DreamsLinked was my gateway to entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of my dreams. It is a project I created to bring the Silicon Valley experience to the web, and create a phenomenon that will affect the world. I created this project for the very same reason I am writing this today: no one is willing to support this idea, and those who do, are unable to help build and push the idea forward, but they will join the community I seek to build, and are waiting for me to build it. Even to this day, I still lack the credentials to gain any form of support from all the "resources" around me, so I embarked on a journey to build my own resources, and share the resources and knowledge I gained with everyone around me. I seek is to put together the Dream Team, a team of awesome people who want to build awesome products/technology together. I am looking for a flexible partnership with individuals who are interested in helping me push my ideas further, so that I can help them push their ideas further.
over time (>40h/week)
up to 5.000

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