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Biz developer
Santa monica
United States
Product manager
As a senior digital strategist and executive project manager for digital, I know what it takes to take brands to exciting new levels. I've worked for agencies and brands for over ten years in three different continents and I'm ready to take the step to run my own shop. And I want to share the experience with other like-minded partners: creative, technical and new business roles. I have unparalleled enthusiasm and motivation. I already have an amazing client opportunity, I have deep ideas in several industry verticals, and I am building relationships with awesomely talented vendors and technology companies. I am desperately seeking the input, thoughts, ideas and passions of like-minded digital experts with a passion to drive a new agency with me. I’m trying to find a select few who would be proud to call it their own.
I have strong connections in and a great passion for the hotel industry. I have a product which I'm currently pitching to my hotel network - I came up with the idea, researched it, wire framed it, had it designed, put it in a great pitch deck and am trying to close deals with several very interested prospects currently on the hook. I'm also have a prototype / demo / MVP being developed as we speak.
I see this as a long term business option based on initial setup fee and ongoing monthly revenue.
I'm looking for a development partner with skills in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JQuery mobile, Javascript, WordPress, server setup and management and overall IT management experience and real hustle and enthusiasm to business. I'm looking for someone to join me in bringing this to fruition on a wider scale within a ripe market. A similar product has been extremely successfully released at the luxury level and provided very high ROI for luxury hotel brands. However the cost is so prohibitive to any hotel brand or boutique venue below luxury. They just can't afford it. So there is significant opportunity in the mid-range hotel space for this, if it can be done differently - and I know how to do that.


Do you need to GET OUT of your current job?

Are you looking to test the waters of the start-up world with the safety of not leaving your full-time job immediately?

Do you have expertise in a start-up environment?

Are you someone who dreamed of working for yourself or being a partner in an early stage company?

Are you resourceful, can you make stuff happen and are willing to go the distance?

Are you up for brainstorming ideas for hours on a weekend, identifying exciting opportunities, taking tasks, mocking them up, coding them, testing them and seeing what may have legs?

Do you take pride in what you do?

Are you wanting to cut through red tape, change perceptions, innovate and not take no for an answer?

Can you handle chili-infused Patron?

If you answer yes to most of these, then tell me why. I'd love to hear from you.
I have run the digital department for a Los Angeles branch of a large global ad agency. I have pitched new business, developed brand and product strategies, managed teams of creative and technical folk to deliver on big and small digital projects, project managed basic micro sites to enterprise-wide digital solutions and everything in between. I've worked closely with teams to develop social media and viral strategies as well as start-up teams to create MVP's for websites and mobile apps so they're ready for testing and refinement and then market release. I know what it takes to bring an idea to life.
over time (>40h/week)
up to 5.000

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