Biz developer (28)
Leeds, United Kingdom

About me

Biz developer
United Kingdom
Product manager
I am passionate about business and I like to add a creative flair with the touch of a perfectionist to everything that I do. My aim and ultimate goal is to grow the business and expand. I can have created a number of websites and run social media marketing campaigns and like to share my passion and enthusiasm to create a great atmosphere for those around me.
I am interested in UAV an UAS drone technology and want to bring un-manned air vehicles into the private and public sectors in the UK, I can see a vast amount of uses for the technology and want to establish the business early on.
I have designed a number of websites for previous companies and have great experience in sales through contracting and meeting with potential clients. I acted for ITV for a number of years giving me knowledge of speaking on camera and being confident in stressful situations.
part time (10h/week)
up to 500

About my co-founder

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United Kingdom
part time (10h/week)