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Biz developer
Clearwater, Florida
United States
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Looking for a co-founder to be the #2! I can fund 100% of the project however need someone who has a strong interest in Video Games & Entertainment. The website is currently entering month #2 of development with about 6-8 months until our soft launch. We will then enter a strong advertisement campaign and begin working on more features. We have a development company so developers are not needed. I need someone who can do things such as....

- Moderating Websites and Users
- Approving / Editing Games/Systems
- Approving / Editing / Monitoring Community Hubs
- Approving / Editing / STRONG PROOF READING Content (Articles, Reviews, ETC)
- Social Media
- Looking over Moderation Team
- Help with Podcasts and Streams
- Moderate / Look Over Podcast & Streams
- Be active on Forums, Website and Chat
- Help the company grow and profit
- Engage in discussions with myself and the dev team. Chat, Email, Text and Phone!
- An understanding what a business is and how to operate one.
- An understanding that you must conduct yourself as a professional at ALL times (when the project launches)

Feel free to ask questions and/or PM me. I'll make sure to interview whoever is interested to make sure I find the right person.

"I have this great idea and I need someone too......"

Be a true co-founder! This is happening. I need someone to help run the company :)
Video Games, Sports, Craft Beer, Streaming, Podcasting, Events, E-Sports
Developed a massive online community(clan) that quickly became sponsored by companies. We grew to be one of the largest Planetside 2 and Elder Scrolls Online Communities. From there I realized there is so much more I could do and started to brainstorm a gaming community to take on IGN, Gamespot, GameFAQS, ETC....8 months later here I am in the middle of development!
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for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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