Biz developer (45)
Mumbai Area, India

About me

Biz developer
Mumbai Area
I have spent the last 18 years of my Life (including the last 12 overseas in multiple countries) in Intrapreneurship & now feel it is time to build something big, that I can call my own. I want to build this with a team of exciting, diverse & dedicated co-founders,

I am looking for that team of Co-founders who Dare to Dream & have the conviction to turn those dreams into reality. A team that is willing to work from scratch to building up the startup & put some real skin in the game….From “Garage to Greatness” as they say.
I have some ideas, on which I have high conviction, but also welcome your ideas, so that we could brainstorm together & fine tune a winning proposition or a few winning propositions, that we can work together on building up.

Between the team of founding members, each of which need to be a strong team player, I hope to bring together expertise, skills & a passion in the following:-

1. Ideation/Out of the Box thinking & Problem solving
2. Sales & Marketing
3. Technology & Design
4. Operational Excellence
5. Team Building & Leadership
6. Strong Networking
7. Funding & Fund Raising (When needed)
8. Shared Vision & Strong Team work

Your age, race, gender, creed, color or Nationality, don’t matter however absolute honesty & Integrity does. I am looking for people who are based in Mumbai or are willing to relocate there to make this a reality.

I personally bring to the table some of the above attributes, along with some seed capital & possibly some Infrastructure in Mumbai from where we can start.

If this sounds exciting, mail me at,tell me more about yourself, your background, your education & your experience (freshers with passion,are also welcome). Please share what you can bring to the table & why you feel you would make a great co-founder.
Set up & Turned around businesses (business Units) for large corporations
half time (20h/week)
up to 20.000