Product manager (39)
Berlin, Germany

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Product manager
I am successfully self-employed for 5 years now as a webdeveloper. My skills: frontend (HTML, CSS, jQuery) and backend (Drupal, PHP, MySQL), online marketing (SEO, affiliate/ display), community management. Additionally I can contribute all the soft skills a founder needs: open minded, hard-working, good sense for business and costs, well self-organized.
I want to start a new project now, some kind of online health coaching. The project should playfully help people to live more healthy without being boring or too cautionary. This programme will be able to offer tipps and tasks to the user which match to their living situation. As I see myself as an all-rounder I would like to find at least someone with much more deeper coding skills (Drupal, PHP - if JavaScript/ jQuery skills are available as well, super!) and someone with a bigger passion for marketing (health-/ wellness marketing - online, offline).
I studied Business Administration and during my studies I had two online shops - one for fair traded handcrafts from Africa and one for books from or about Africa. After my studies I worked in online marketing for eBay and as a project manager online marketing in a smaller company in Berlin which offers online "weight-loose-coachings" (I do not know how to describe that better in English, sorry!). But I realized that I prefer to be self-employed and since 2009 I am a self-employed webdesigner/ webdeveloper. Mostly I work with an agency which organizes fairs/ exhibitions for which I create websites including booking systems, scheduling tools and other helpful tools for organizing and taking part on an exhibition/ fair.
full time (40h/week)
up to 2.000

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for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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