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San Francisco, CA
United States
I'm a full-stack programmer with 10 years of experience and a BS in Computer Engineering from UCSB. I have a passion for building good interfaces whether UI or API. I've been leading a small team for over a year to build an extensible project management system that doesn't suck.
Economics, business, interface design (API/UI/language), government, physics, transportation.

I'm also interested in finding a partner to help me accelerate the development of Tixit into a full product and beyond, as well as help grow and lead the team. Tixit is the Wordpress of project managements systems - a customizable and extensible web application that helps teams manage and plan their tasks as well as analyze and improve their effectiveness. Tixit is uniquely built for efficient use by teams with both simple and complex workflows. It's the only project management system that gives teams and users the ability to create fully customizable and personalized interfaces for their data. We're entering into a quickly growing industry that is already worth upwards of $60 billion per year.

We're using an all-javascript stack with Node.js, WebSockets, MongoDB, Webpack, futures, and web components. We've built a dom manipulation module that allows us to write clean, powerful, and modular web components and page style descriptions all in javascript. We are using test-driven development to build the high-quality modules our system is made of. Our server API is cleanly separated from the frontend implementation so that other frontend applications can be built to interface with our system.

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* Along with Robbert Wijtman, designed and Built Gem.js - a javascript view library for the web
* Built Deadunit - a javascript unit testing library for the browser and node.js
* Built Sqool, a database abstraction layer for PHP
* Built a parser generator called Lithium
* Wrote a paper on The Economics of SkyTran in San Francisco
* Designed a programming language called Lima
* Built a highly customizable payment frontend to accommodate more than 30 games built and run by Playdom-Disney.
* Designed the API standard used for monetization and other central services at Playdom-Disney

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