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Biz developer
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Product manager
I have extensive domain expertise and a growing network of contacts. But, I also have extensive startup experience that has made me a utility player capable of handling marketing, bus dev., ux, etc. The product is live.. But its time to accelerate product improvements and growing the business. I'm looking for individuals for all roles to join the team.
I'm working on making the $200 billion U.S. foodservice supply chain more efficient. The opportunity is enormous as $30 billion worth of food and $5 billion worth of labor are wasted every year. That's 17.5% waste.

In short, I'm interested in creating technology that addresses the data gaps and barriers to communication that create enormous waste in our food system. A more efficient system is a win for the industry, the consumer, and the environment.
Three previous startups
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for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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