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Oakland, CA, United States

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Biz developer
Oakland, CA
United States
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Business development, entrepreneurship, revising ideas, managing people
Looking for individuals who can take a non-tech world savvy entrepreneur with an idea through the process of making that idea a reality. I have an idea for a mobile app with a focus on psychological feedback that will also aggregate data to help users connect in the real world as well as eventually interact with one another in a quick and powerful way.

I started a business in college in the automotive specialty field and have decided that it's time to use my degree in Psychology to move into the app field. I am looking for a motivated co-founder who has connections that will allow us to build a team of individuals that want to help people connect in a new way, but aren't afraid of being on the edge of public opinion.

Self-funding is available for this venture, but the right co-founder should believe in the application's purpose enough to want to work for sweat equity. This isn't an offer to work with someone who doesn't have a personal desire to better the world through this idea. Office space for collaborative work is available in my home and comfortably will suit three individuals.
Started first business in college and has thrived over a decade with nearly one million gross per year while all being run by one person.
half time (20h/week)
more than 20.000