Biz developer (30)
Kraków, Poland

About me

Biz developer
- Team creation and management
- Investor relations and funding
- New business development
- Project management
- Business strategy and product development
- Feature development and product improvement
- Market change and competitor analysis and reaction
-Public speaking
-Company representation
Developers who are looking to be part of an unique product which will be based on newest technology trends in blockchain. We are going to build a new cryptocurrency and revolutionize the crypto currency market which is growing on a daily basis and backed by huge investing entities.

I am interested in people who are enthusiasts like me and want to be part of the history defining moment we are currently in. Everyone knows it - crypto currencies are the future and it's heading our way with big steps. Let's create the product which will be key for the next big step for crypto currencies.

If you are:
- looking for an exciting adventure
- willing to invest your heart and sweat
- eager to dive into a multi Billion Dollar industry
- have experience with Blockchain projects and/or relevant experience in the crypto currency field

If you said "ÿes" to all the points above you might be just the Co-Founder I am looking for!
Also, if you did not say yes to all of them you still might be a great asset as a Co-Founder.
Build, ran and sold my first business in the web design industry.
Worked for 3 years as Business Development Manager and took the company to a whole new level.
Currently VP at the worlds strongest advertising agency.
half time (20h/week)
up to 10.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Developer
half time (20h/week)