Biz developer (30)
New Delhi, India

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Biz developer
New Delhi
Sales person, Other
A passionate, self-motivated and results-driven professional with close to 3 years experience in semiconductor sales. I am a technology enthusiast and I am working to create social impact by using mobile technology and internet as a core.

I believe in moving early and staying close to the customer to maximize results.

Excellent analytical skills with expertise in primary and secondary market research, budgeting and forecasting.
Co-Founder of a Technology Social Enterprise
As part of my sales role, I have developed and managed relationships with some of the key multinational clients, top domestic clients and innovative emerging companies across multiple market segments like Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Energy, Home Automation, Lighting and Telecom to drive new revenue generation.

I have an ability to learn quickly and enable clients in innovative product development.

. I am the co-founder of two social enterprises- a hybrid of a non- profit and a for-profit addressing challenges in healthcare and monitoring and evaluation of social programs meant for the benefit of the Bo
over time (>40h/week)
up to 5.000

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