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Hobart, Australia

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Product inception and Copywriting.

Even though I never pursued a career I'm not incredibly stupid; I'm quite a good poet, I'm very good at finding double, triple and even quadruple ententes and I score about 120 on most IQ tests with poor results in memory (probably due to years of pot smoking) but particularly good scores in linguistic reasoning.

Quitting Cigarettes (20 seconds of narration, 30 seconds total) (2019)

A image of a man's hand holding an attractive “Quitting” brand cigarette packet (branded at the base of the packet and on the lid in gold with a blue, white and grey picture of the summit of Mt Kosciusko in between). The man opens the empty packet and we zoom out and show him to be a mountain climber on an approach to the summit of Mt Kosciusko. He crushes the empty packet, shoves it into his backpack then takes some climbing tackle, leaves the bags behind and heads for the final ascent with his companion.

Narrated with a laryngectomy voice synthesizer: "As a long time smoker I recommend Quitting Cigarettes. There's a special sense of satisfaction you can only get from Quitting. Each inhale soothes your T-Zone and the price, and quality are unbeatable. More than nine out of ten doctors recommend Quitting . Try all the old scents and flavors. Try Quitting Cigarettes today."

Pans up to show the initial scene from the empty cigarette packet. (Déjà Vu, Destiny)

Fade in above: "Quitting Cigarettes" (in gold lettering as on the cigarette packet)

Fade in below: "13 QUIT" (in large gold lettering and appealing proportion)

Laughing, expressing my creativity and going; up up up the ziggurat, lickety split.
I achieved a BSC from Rockhampton Municipal Swimming Pool and went on to be a taxi driver and amateur copywriter for the following 20 years. My ex-wife took me for everything in 2015 and then moved to Sydney with my kids. I ended up on disability but fortunately my father outlived my marriage and I managed to keep my inheritance.
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