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Food is one of the most fundamental part of our existence. We are still a core-agriculture driven country. Food is a never ending necessity. And food business is exciting generally to those who love cooking.

Food & Hospitality industry in India as per my study in late 2013 is growing at a rate of 16% annually. The local GDP and Food business is an exciting thing for epicureans where abundance and full tummy go hand in hand.
Recession cannot stop hunger. And at the end of days work, people want to unwind to a relaxing ambience to taste the finer things in life.

We have personalized application experience through handheld and wearable tech. I am looking to automate this industry.

There are a flurry of Food Ordering Apps in the market now.
Bringing the same experience in an online food ordering service that already has big players is more than Ordering food online, at this point.

I am in the process to create the first prototype for an online food service, a b2c ecommerce model that offers hassle free Food ordering experience.
Check out the link Ive given for early adopters messaging.

Any device that's connected to the internet, that can non intrusively track our details and food preferences, should provide a very simple and quick ordering experience. Even with that accomplished. Ordering is not the most exciting aspect in terms of returns. It's about connecting the right customers to the right food.

This is not a new market segment with disruptive technology. Which means this is not an r&d exercise. The startup cost is actually the least possible.
Lots of scope to reiterate, develop right marketing channels, create and expand Clients(Restaurant owners);
Setting this service in Restaurants should be a click away easily scaffolding according to the needs of the restaurant.

The two most important questions however for anyone in the shoes of an investors or early collaborators/early adopters is:
- How much can it sell food to build early traction?
- How will it be marketed to reach target customers?

I am looking for designers and business developers, anyone in a tech venture with great customer development experience (Exp. in agile methodology and lean cycle is highly preferred)
to solve a third and more obvious problem - My sole frustration to start a service in this area is because I find Restaurant Specific apps are relatively clean and to the point but Food Ordering Apps in general are messy. They still don't provide what I am looking for.

The chances of using a food ordering app is quite low for an average customer despite entertainment and leisure activities in cities and towns rising, where the probability of having meals is quite high. So why shouldn't a Food service be your Food guide in any city?

That's because Food ordering service is not intuitive and Human-friendly.
This service builds upon food lovers who work in the food industry, love trying out new things and for those customers to whom, exploring new places mean trying out new recipes. What are the aspects of food and recipes that would make people explore varieties of food and culture and places and restaurants that offer that experience?

The food service platform I'm planning aims to be crowd driven targeting
people in the age range of 16-45.
The Target crowd thus besides the average user, is specifically an engaging one from Tourists to shoppers, nightlife lovers, epicureans, people looking to buy recipe books, food critics, reviewers, office going crowd, mess crowd. I am trying to build a crowd driven platform for this industry to better connect with its audience.

The challenge is to build an interface scaffolded to each type of user.

This is just an introductory. What I really intend to rollout in the coming months is more interesting. And I am looking for people who share similar tastes and vision for this industry. This is not work to me. This is more like living a life full.
What I am doing now is more interesting.
I'vent much exp but I am working for a US startup thats working on credit based trade & contracts mgmt in an inflation proofed monetary environment.
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