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Stourbridge, United Kingdom

About me

United Kingdom
Biz developer
I run an advisory and training business
My advisory services are related to

(i) Startup and getting businesses off the ground

(ii) strategic growth -when business owners realise that doing “more of the same” will not continue to drive the growth and the owner realises that they need to do something more than incremental change (e.g developing systems, new products, new markets, being more innovative, strategic partnerships and acquisitions, raising finance)

(iii) Motivation – assessing what motivates your staff, what de-motivates them, how motivated your staff are at present. Helping entrepreneurs understand how important it is to considers motivation as a means for assuring organisational performance. This helps entrepreneurs in the numerous aspects of their business, (recruitment, training , retention, reward systems, job design, team building, acquisitions, succession planning)

(iv) Making your business more valuable and selling it
I am launching Bouvo club/community which connects providers of adventures, escapes, challenges and different experiences with the public..
The five year plan is To establish a substantial multi revenue stream business , strong systems and brand which gives good incomes for all involved
- Events
- Additional marketing and sales services
- Competitions
- Mobile Apps
- Financial and Advisory services
- Dating
- Merchandising
- Publishing
- Marketing research and product launch services

Looking to speak to Investors, and Sales people
I've formed 4 businesses, had 4 crappy jobs and realised I am not meant to be an employee!
full time (40h/week)
unfortunately nothing

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