A match made in heaven: Idea from Startup Weekend, Co-founder from Founder2be, MVP developed in the United States.

Andrew attended the Startup Weekend in Boulder, Colorado and that’s where he came up with the idea for a job search engine taking into account the fit of a candidate’s personality with a job opening originated.

Being a developer himself, he started coding and soon after began looking for a marketing co-founder. Having discovered Founder2be, he posted his idea online and soon matched with Ricky from San Francisco. Together they launched the MVP for their startup 'lus apta' which is Latin for 'right fit'.

Read Andrew’s account of how everything happened:
About 2 weeks ago, after discussing my startup with a couple of friends, it was highly recommended that I find a marketing co-founder. This made a lot of sense to me, so I began searching the web for ways to find marketing co-founders.

I found out about Founder2be after about 5 minutes of searching blogs and such, signed up and posted my idea within about 15 minutes. The website easy to use and very straight forward. Within about a day I had a response from Ricky and we started discussing my idea as well as what he brings to the party.

As for my idea/startup, everyone I've mentioned it to, given the 30 second elevator pitch, has said it's a great idea. Merging online dating profiling with job search really has people turning to listen. Even responses on Founder2be were titled "I Love this idea."

Current job search engines including Monster.com, Dice.com, Linkedin, and Yahoo jobs (hotjobs) to name a few, can easily and successfully match candidates with job postings and vice versa. In the case of LinkedIn, they can show you how you're already connected to a particular job. This is great, especially if you're an extrovert that embraces networking. For introverts, it can be a lost concept.

I've worked in technology for over 20 years. Skills are one thing. It's the personality and cultural fit that are important if not more important. Plus I've seen situations where a hostile work environment drags down everyone's productivity. It's my aim to show employers and job seekers how they match up to a particular job by skills, experience, and personality. (I haven't coded up the experience part yet, but it's on the list)

True to the lean startup methodology, we just launched the beta version of our job search engine where employers (not recruiters) can post job openings in any industry. You can see how you match up against a job posting based on skills and "personality". Here's the 'catch' though. Most online dating sites force you the applicant to take a personality profile test, like a Myers-Briggs test. Then, based on those results, pick people whom are more like you. That can work, but it can also have problems.

All you need to do is answer questions while managing your profile. It really doesn't matter how you answer them. This goes for employers as well as job seekers. The more questions you answer, the better you match up. And I have ideas for incentivising this area to get more acceptance and use.

As for monetizing and budgeting, this is (for now), being bootstrapped. If that means I need to eat ramen noodles for a few months, It'll be interesting. I'm skeptical when it comes to angel investors. For now, we're running the beta as 100% free. No advertising, no need to pay, and we won't sell off our email list.

Once we've addressed all the issues, added any features people request, we'll be ready to brand this and flip the switch to a pay model. Employers will still be able to post jobs, but only paid accounts will be able to make direct contact.* (I'd be a fool to think people won't find a way around the pay-wall. But it won't be super expensive, on par with say Craigslist, where longer term investment means a cheaper per month payment.)

Our roadmap right now looks like beta testing starting as early as next week. I've a few things to clean up on the site and I want to get full QA testing performed. By mid August, we'll have more information to go on, feedback from visitors and users. We'll be able to better plan the direction of the startup with that information. By September/October we should be ready to enable the pay-wall and start collecting revenue from customers in the United States to start, gradually porting to more nations as demand builds up and the code solidifies.

I'm also 100% flexible. My development style has been all Agile with Unit Testing and and automatic deployment to staging and production servers using continuous Integration. (keep in mind I not only built the CI environment for this, along with developing the code and test cases in about 5 weeks now.)

Like most startups, the path to success is long, but I am excited that this idea has been happening so fast and everyone loves the idea.

Thank you for the opportunity and thanks for developing Founder2be - pretty good idea merging 'match.com' and LinkedIn for startups and co-founders.

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