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Munich, Germany

About me

Biz developer
My head is full of ideas on how to solve problems. If you need backup or help, just contact me, I am happy to bring in some new ideas.
Travelling, meeting new people and exchange ideas and experiences, making the world a better place.

Currently I am planning to go on a world trip. Cool thing is, that the startups I pursue are all manageable online.
So no need to be present somewhere all the time - Neither do you.
I founded my first startup "eventport" last year. A multichannel marketing-tool for events.
It solves the problem of event managers of entering and updating event information on various channels manually.

Currently I am founding "". A crowdsourced platform, which aims to disrupt the current democratic systems and removes the poisonous influence of lobbyism as we know it today.

You can read the executive summary in the link provided.
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About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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