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I am an expert programmer who has worked previously with c and c++ before moving on to focus primarily on web technologies: client side: html, css, javascript, jquery library(basically just simplified javascript) and of course server side: php and mysql programming.
I'm interested in art, mainly and in building things, i believe that literally anything is possible with the right mental framing.
Developed and implemented an algorithm that increased data compression.(unfortunately, the start-up based on it failed due to patenting issues).

Built an app that allowed the user to send 2d and 3d animations as they chat, the user could pick from over 1000 different animations and send them as they chatted in the chat room with their friends.

Finally, my most recent one, launched it just 3 days ago, it's basically a platform where people can create and share artistic content (although any content is welcome) in the form of virtual flip-books, the flip-books are of four main types:

Photo-books: users run their photos through instagram-style filters with the option of labeling them with cool text using custom fonts and color.

Scrap-books: users paste both images(run through filters) and text onto a canvas, manipulating both size and position to make different pages of a scrap-book.

Graphic-novels: users basically make content just like they would in the photo-book the difference is in the layout of the images, they're made to look like a comic.

M-log: people can write e-books, e-zines or blogs here and they'll all be published as books! You know with flipping pages and such.

The page types, can be determined from many different existing templates and the book, called a title can be modified by the user in any way they like, well nearly.
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