Biz developer (39)
Pontiac, Michigan, United States

About me

Biz developer
Pontiac, Michigan
United States
I have (what I believe to be) a great idea, that I think others would be interested in being a part of, provided that they have the skills I am seeking, and that they are visionaries. I have background knowledge on why I think this product would be valuable, and why I believe that it does not currently exist. If you have experience with patent research, market research, writing business plans, raising startup capital, or computer programming (especially with a focus in creating databases), I have a particular interest in speaking with you about my idea. This is a product that I see being used by the medical industry, perhaps on a global scale.
I am in the process of applying for graduate schools, currently, and I have a strong desire to learn new things, network with new people, and to constantly improve myself and others.
I have produced a radio show, written freelance articles for a local newspaper, been a freelance photographer, a background extra in several films, a paid audience member on a televised talk show, among other things.
over time (>40h/week)
unfortunately nothing

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Biz developer
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Engineer
  • Investor
  • Marketer
  • Someone else (just send me a message)
part time (10h/week)