Developer (35)
Spokane, United States

About me

United States
Designer, Developer, Product manager
Creating and running teams and companies; solving problems of businesses by specializing in the software, data, and technology industries, working with companies to build a multi-dynamic platform that also helps them earn more money online. Successfuly built a team of 30 developers and engineers, and 100 Cybersecurity Personnel.

We specialize in IT Software Development, Cyber Security Protection, Digital Commerce, Cloud Infrastructure and Managed Services. We seek to promote innovation, research, learning and understanding of new businesses and technology demands in the global marketplace.

We are experts in website design and internet-related services and IT products. The Spokane, Washington based web and mobile app development team develops commercial grade websites, website design, web applications, software solutions, and digital marketing services with a focus on multi-channel mix of digital advertising including brand development, social engagement and search marketing for customers globally. We also do patents for any designs or product items. Our Cyber Security Group is dedicated to solving critical national and global cyber threats to improve safety, security, and system integrity.
A non-technical co-founder for my early stage startups.
Cloud-based Systems, Cloud Computing and Hosting
Cloud Migration Services
New Software Development
Web Design and Development
Web Applications Development
Highly Custom Software
Video Gaming Services
Website Maintenance
WordPress Website
E-commerce Website
Apps Development
Domain and Hosting
SEO for Websites
SEO Solution for Business
Web Page Optimization SEO
SEO Search Friendly Keyword Suggestion
SEO Result Improvement
Brand and Website Promotion
Digital Marketing
Network Design
Logo and Graphic Designing
Set-up of Professional Social Media Accounts
Fast Website Page and Speed Boosting Services
Virtual Assistant
Professional Photo Editing
Professional Video Editing
Social Media Marketing
Pay Per Click Marketing
Continuous Updating of Business for Amazon, EBAY, and Shopify, etc.
full time (40h/week)
more than 20.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Someone else (just send me a message)
part time (10h/week)