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Biz developer
United Kingdom
Designer, Marketer, Sales person
Innovation, People Management, Marketing, Sales, Negotiation, New Product Development
We are developing IoT innovative BLE beacons solving the early battery replacement problem and a multi-activity/location app to the maximise retail sales conversion and provide analytics for our partners.
We are therefore looking for a CTO co-founder to join us on this new venture.
You are/have:
- Based (can be based) in London
- Following the latest IoT/app technologies and been writing about them or developing ideas,
- Connected to the Tech scene,
- Able and experienced in translating business requirements into technical solutions,
- A "hacker" with various coding skills but open minded about selecting the best appropriate technology and see it through,
- Have an overall successful experience and understanding of databases architecture/infrastructure setup,
- Experienced in leading and managing teams to deliver apps/db/web platforms and have at least realised 3 of them in the past,
- A good communicator
- Available full time and not just pausing a personal project, having another agenda,
- Not promoting your own or affiliated (in any way) complimentary product/service,
You will be joining an experienced & successful serial entrepreneur (IT service delivery, marketing & sales, project management background ) with access to different resources and involved in Tech City and the angel industry.
If that rocks your boat please contact me - Thank you :)
Passion for new technologies and solving problems to offer innovative solutions delivered with quality and great service
Re-engineered Apple Mac UI location processes for Xerox; traded light vehicles out of China to Europe; benchmarked Argos-like business to open in China to create a unique supply chain; successfully founded Agyplas in plastics recycling, ESOL (TM) in Solar heating; invested & participated in Cycell, a fully customisable phone

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for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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  • Marketer
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United Kingdom
part time (10h/week)