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Bradford, United Kingdom

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Biz developer
United Kingdom
Product manager
I'd like to think I'm very good at creating effective solutions to ease particular pains that we all experience on a daily basis. My strong points would be spotting a gap in the market, monetisation strategies, clear long term business direction but not afraid to pivot.
I often find ways to work with my competition rather than against them but at the same time I like to blow them out of the water and dominate the market segment in the long term. Market research, competition watching, on-page copy righting.
I have done a lot of preparation work on a project I'd like some help with, I believe it's very scalable and disruptive :-)
I have available office space in Bradford.
I'm a little obsessed with start-up stories. I can relate them to my personal experience and they've helped me realised what I'm born to do! I love how you can solve a problem and have such an impact globally if done right. Especially if it's disruptive!
I love brainstorming sessions but don't know anyone who can help me do anything about them!

Other than that, I'm interested in the usual, eating healthy, working out blah blah blah....
Although I don't really have any technical training, I have been trading online very successfully for 5 years now. I've gained indepth experience with frontend and backend of a heavily customised Magento platform. I have an excellent understanding of seo, ppc, social media marketing and currently learning all I can about affiliate marketing as this will be much needed for my project.
I've worked for many years on the road as a sales rep. Have researched and prototyped various products.

I've brainstormed, researched and written detailed plans for various business ideas, but wanting to totally focus on this one which is within the online dating industry (not a dating site).

Developing social media strategies and Implementing them.
over time (>40h/week)
up to 2.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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United Kingdom
full time (40h/week)