Biz developer (27)
Berkeley, California, United States

About me

Biz developer
Berkeley, California
United States
Writing: I will be the project's writer, iteratively weaving together the gameplay and narrative.

Marketing/Sales: I have a strong sales and performance background, and will be responsible for raising money as well as planning and implementing our product's marketing campaign using forefront knowledge of social physics, cognitive science, and psychology combined with more traditional marketing techniques. Through pitches for Cyscape so far (and participation in 2 well respected funding events) I already have several possible funding connections of people who have expressed interest.

Management: I will be executing a very hands off management approach through the use of Scrum.
I am interested in creating virtual reality (VR) games that have strong narratives. Our current project, Cyscape, is about a man with psychic powers rebelling against the International Security Agency (ISA), the secret world overlords. We are looking for a CTO who wants to help design and implement this game.

After pioneering VR entertainment I would like to move into VR education when it is more viable (around 10 years from now). By creating an entire K-12 curriculum that is game based, learning will be much more fun and engaging, and everyone will be much more intelligent because of it.
Created a VR game prototype of Cyscape, and recruited an experienced game artist (8 years in industry) and level designer (10 years in industry). With this team was accepted into the F50 investment summit and won 1st at the SVIEF startup contest.

Wrote "Virtual Reality Insider", the current bestselling VR book on Amazon.

In 8 months sold and produced 85k in house painting contracts.

Studied at UC Berkeley.
full time (40h/week)
up to 2.000

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