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Biz developer
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executing, long term thinking and planning, self awareness, and I am not afraid of hard work.
I have a passion for creativity. Startups are the ultimate act of creativity. I watch for what is missing in the world and then I reverse engineer it to fit what I feel my gifts and talents are and then go to work to solve the problem.
Hi there! My name is Robin Norgren, M.A.Th, and I am passionate about creativity. It is my life's work. I have created FREE YouTube videos for you to learn how to art journal.

I have written books on joy, soulful living and how to become more creative so that you can explore and deepen YOUR creative life. I have created a facilitator guide offering STEP BY STEP instructions on how to start a creative community if you feel the whispers to do so. AND I have created an online class of 5 art projects if you would like to incorporate them into your creative community. ALL of these items can be stand alone journeys or combined to have a deep and soulful creative experience.

I am an Expressive Arts Christian life coach in Arizona. I hold a Masters Degree in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and B.S. in Management from Arizona State University. I received a life coaching certification through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and works with children and teens through Free Arts of Arizona. ALL of these things along with my life experiences lend credibility to what I have to offer you.

I also work with developing creativity in children as well. I am a Montessori trained teacher and an art teacher. I write regularly on my blog called Children Need Art about the value of creativity in a child's life. I teach art classes all over Arizona under the name Josey's Art School. I offer art lessons that you can download from a website called Teachers Pay Teachers.

Finally, I am a volunteer at an organization called Free Arts of Arizona that offers free art to homeless and at risk children in Arizona

My business ventures:
(1) I have created a business in a box model called Josey's Art School. The program teaches you how to become an art teacher and provides you with THREE different art modules to begin teaching right away in locations near where you live.

(2) I have created children's sewing kits and am looking to turn this into a subscription box program.

I have created and tested both these ideas and have proven they are successful. I am a military wife and mom who gets stuff done. I am resourceful and hard working and looking to partner with someone who has knowledge and experience in expanding businesses into national brands.
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