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...having a unique perspective on a problem or challenge and coming up with a more direct and simple solution. But ideas are cheap, it's the execution that counts. I'm very good at that also. I live and breath a project that I am passionate about as I am with Second Lives Club.
Women aged 50 and above are at a crossroads in their lives due to an empty nest, loss of parents or spouse, company downsizing or just plain boredom. They are in good health with some wealth and living longer. They realize they have a lot of runway left and reject the traditional idea of retirement. In fact quite the opposite! They are asking what’s next?

Second Lives Club, is a web community and social network that will match like-minded women in midlife with each other and/or life coaches for the purpose of defining what they want to do next and how they will achieve it. That’s because women prefer to work as team members or in groups and not alone like their male counterparts. Think of this as Linked In, Match and Meetup merged together for the 50+ female.

Second Lives Club is unique from other seemingly similar web sites in that women will be able to scan web profiles of other women with common goals, connect directly with them or through expert-led webinars to form not just special interest groups but also new partnerships and friendships to begin their second life. Second Lives Club will be sold as a subscription model directly online and be further supported by brand sponsorships. This business could also become associated with one or more associations catering to this same audience.

We need another partner to help build out the business model. Ideally that person has played an integral role in or funded other internet startups and has the right business and web development contacts. Or this new founder is a web developer who could take on the responsibility of building this robust community with profiling and matching capabilities. Or she/he could be a successful, results-driven individual with exceptional business experience and operational know how to get this company off the ground and running. There may need to be a few partners and we are willing to discuss equity partnerships. No matter what their background offers our cofounder should be able to believe in our mission and feel our same passion about reaching the 50+ boomer women audience with the second life story. Perhaps they are even a member of that demographic.

This cofounder should have skills complementary to the founder’s. Someone who can take the lead on identifying and prioritizing what steps are needed to complete the beta website; gather industry and consumer research and data; create liaisons with consultants, life coaches and female associations; manage funding, pricing and financial planning; interact with legal and accounting expertise and recommend other areas that need attention. In general additional hands are needed to turn the heat up on this business. The cofounders should be able to work side by side to divide up the work and see it through.
I was part of the small nuclear teams that started up AT&T's and IBM's original websites. That's after years of writing and producing video and executing advertising and interactive marketing campaigns. I also developed a brand marketing startup business that is under development.
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