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Product manager
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I'm an entrepreneur with a mission to streamline Open Innovation around the globe - my goal is to get every consumer with an Internet access to be able to influence and change products & services they use every day, using smart features on a fun social platform called

I'm a Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer at - a platform we're building for both brands and consumers worldwide. The ultimate goal of Echo it is providing free market research data to companies in a much quicker and focused way than ever before.

What are "echoes" and how are they different?
Customer REVIEWS focus on what the product currently is, but Customer ECHOES focus on what the product could & should be.

We've invested a lot of time developing the smart ECHO SYSTEM (patent appl. submitted) with numerous features that benefit both the consumer and the company, our platform is a direct response to Open Innovation studies done by HBR, NY Times, Insites Consulting, etc, which described the modern market's need for this type of online platform.

Our website was launched several months ago as a beta website to test the market, we're ready now to develop apps & expand beyond the basic features. Hence, we're seeking to add a technical co-founder to our team, someone knowledgeable and passionate about consumerism, online social environments and brands - someone who will ultimately see the potential of Echo it as the future of consumer behavior.

I'm a Rochester Institute of Technology alum, got my bachelor's degree in NY and Croatia in International Service Industry Management, with a concentration in Small Business Development. Check out my LinkedIn to learn about my experience.
Open Innovation, Customer Journey, Customer Behavior, Market Research, Social Networks, Consumerism, Co-Creation
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