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Rather than tell you why you should work with me, let me tell you why you should not work with me. I believe a good team should be able to compliment and embrace each others weaknesses as this is a long term marriage.

We need to be able to handle each other at our worst because as a startup team, we are going to go through many tough times and it is not going to be a pleasant journey. We will bleed through this process and we need to be able to support each other even in those circumstances

- Bad with details
I can work in ambiguity and make split second decisions using abstract information. This is both a boon and a bane as sometimes it could mean that decisions may not be as well thought out or there could have been some aspects unaccounted for

- Unemotional
This allows me to always make logical, impersonal decisions, it becomes a weakness in that I am not able to tune in to the emotional needs of others as effectively. I can come across as insensitive even when I'm just being objective.

- Challenging
I constantly play devil's advocate just to fully understand someone's perspective and thought process. I will always be challenging, pushing my friends/team to defend their ideas.

This can come across as argumentative or overbearing but please, I mean no harm and is all just part of the learning process for me. It is nothing personal.

I think through the brief description of myself, this is a no brainer. I am always looking and assessing risks, I do so in order to mitigate them which can sometimes be redundant.

Many startups and entrepreneurs are overly optimistic and do not often think of having proper risk management frameworks. While being optimistic and confident is key to being an entrepreneur, one must also focus on the potential downsides and have contingency plans in place to help identify key risk areas to mitigate.
Finance has always been my first passion since I was 12 and I've been involved in the financial markets since I was 17. The financial markets have captivated me and the idea that wealth can be grown from existing wealth was fascinating.

I am interested in creating products that creates value and opportunity for members of society especially with regards to social mobility. Products should be able to open doors of opportunity for other people to grow their wealth in tandem with the organization.

Presently, I am working on an idea and platform which while, similar to equity crowdfunding , has some twists. The ultimate vision of this platform is improving the current ecosystem to be more efficient in building and nurturing entrepreneurs while providing members of society with opportunities to grow their wealth together with these new entrepreneurs.
Prior to exploring starting up, I've been active in the financial markets, which has shaped my motivation to create products/service that can empower wealth growth among the general population.

Witnessing the disparity in asset classes available for wealth growth among the different demographics have inspired me to leverage on technology to create products to even the playing field.

I've also prior experience in sales as a HR recruiter, as well as, a real estate agent. As such, sales is no foreign matter to me.
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