Biz developer (29)
Melbourne, Australia

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Biz developer
Product manager
I love meeting like-minded individuals. I have a tendency to gravitate towards the creatives and entrepreneurs at a party and always forge relationships with those that inspire me. Social innovation is the broad umbrella I have happily found myself under and love being apart of a wonderful movement.

On my short journey I have been fortunate enough to work alongside some very talented people that I owe much of my career to. I have been apart of projects with various organisations that have had a large and positive impact. I have also been apart of projects that have not been successful, which has given me some experiences that I am incredibly grateful for too. I love to find ways in which I can collaborate or be of use by sharing knowledge and experience when needed.
Sustainable agriculture, environmental conservation, mental health care, education and international development are my passions and where I have experience in.
CEO & Co-founder
Good Farm Organics

Director of Partnerships

Owner and Winemaker
Che?vre Wines

Co-founder and Managing Director
Wala Tablet

Project Manager
World Literacy Foundation

Co-owner and Winemaker Vasco's Mistress

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Good Farm Organics