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Biz developer
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I've successfully launched the funeral planning website, I'm Sorry to Hear LLC, and I am seeking a technical partner to come on board to help with taking the company to the next level technically and strategically.

I am a business developer by education and professional experience, but a consumer advocate at heart.
I love sticking up for the "little guys" and advocating for the consumer.

I consider myself a "social" entrepreneur, as concerned with doing-good within our communities as I am with building a sound and profitable business.

I am seeking a guy or gal with similar values who sees the big-picture and the impact we can have in our communities by helping consumers at a true time-of-need.
I have 5+ years working with a global finance provider, living in the USA, Holland, and Canada performing various sales and marketing roles.

Projects included pioneering and administering a company-wide CRM program, collecting and sharing best-practices among business units, and developing relationships with executives.

My sole focus now is disrupting an industry (funeral) that is long overdue for disrupting by promoting education and information sharing within our community to breakdown the knowledge barrier between consumers and the funeral industry.

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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half time (20h/week)