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Kauf - Reward App for Global Shoppers is a free app that rewards millions of Asian travelers for in-store shopping in retail and brand stores abroad. Kauf offers a solution for end-customers as well as for corporate partners with an exclusive transaction process.
We are looking for an Online/Mobile Marketing specialist (CMO Co-Founder) with experience on the Chinese market who is hardworking, motivated and dedicated to become part of our project and team in order to speed up the further development.

In this role, your key responsibilities would include the following:

- Leverage marketing channels such as mobile advertising to drive app downloads, mobile web traffic and overall mobile customer engagement.
- Establish and optimize a variety of mobile advertising partnerships to drive greater adoption of mobile web and app services.
- Develop and manage online marketing channels across China
- Utilizing a range of techniques including paid search - SEO, SEM, Email Marketing and SMO (WeChat & WeiBo)
- Understanding of Mobile App marketing would be added benefit

At this stage, we have already launched the iOS & Android version. Currently, we are finishing the first version of the website. Although the project is in its beginning, we have been able to sign-up famous brands/retailers as well as to contract several travel corporations on the Chinese market.

In case you are interested in becoming part of Kauf, send us an email ( and we will be looking forward to get to know you!
10 years China experience within the luxury tourism industry, with skills on business development, strategy, sales & marketing, etc.
over time (>40h/week)
more than 20.000

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