Biz developer (40)
Hong Kong SAR, China

About me

Biz developer
Hong Kong SAR
Sales person
* Strategic sales, Online marketing, Channel marketing, Branding
* Ability to understand differences/motivation/uniqueness of individual- that serves me doing my job well. It includes the consuming behaviors of Asians and Chinese from different background/region.
* Professional experience in Bay Area, London, Shanghai, HK and studied in UK/NY/Taiwan also helped.
* Networks in Greater China/ Sing/MY.
* LSE MSc Management
Online Real Estate, Cross Border, China -> Regional -> Global

Real Estate is the big business in Asia but the online presence in this sector is backward in Asia. . I have a specific plan that I am working on. It The 1st step before making it available to Asians and then make it global ultimately.

The ideal people I am looking for are those who have the integrity and want to create the business that actually help people (users or make an impact however small), and have the commitment to do the best as possible. It will make sense if the developer is Asia based or have the plan to move to Asia for the beginning of the journey.
* Diversified Sales& Marketing experience across various sectors (Mobile, Finance, Lifestyle, Consumer).
* Online marketing - Grew online traffic 200 times as the regional representative for the mobile technology company. Had short stint in creative agencies including global digital marketing agency under Ogilvy.
* Sales performance - Grew the sales 300% in 1.5 year as the regional sales in financial sector.
* Worked as the marketing manager for a number of upscale venues in Shanghai including the highest revenue generating lounge bar in China (the highest sales channel for Dom Perignon/Moet Chandon)
* Bridging West with the East - B to B or B to C
half time (20h/week)
more than 20.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Developer
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  • Product manager
  • Someone else (just send me a message)
United States, China, Singapore, Taiwan
half time (20h/week)