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New York
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I am a developer of programming languages. My CoFounder2Be project consists of an object-oriented programming language written with Procedural SQL (stored procedures). It is a new technology that broadens the approach to database programming. Another part of the project is an API to existing JavaScript libraries which also includes an innovative graphing library based on JS/HTML.
I am interested in finding partners to advance development of this new technology. The project ready for establishing a company or sale while minimal investments in improving its presentations would add informativeness to its sites.
About one year ago I completed a prototype of server-side platform that is an Object Oriented Programming Language written with Procedural SQL and deployed in a relational database.

Since then I have been busy developing client-side part of the system which became operational late last year. It is called JS2DX and consists of an Application Programming Interface for any of existing JavaScript Libraries like DHTMLX or JQuery.

JS2DX provides simplified, nested syntax with minimized verbosity for coding of Web User Interface pages. It has been successfully implemented in a commercial project for one of my clients. Additionally JS2DX includes a JavaScript Library with graphing capabilities based entirely on JS/HTML.

When fully developed the combination of Sprout and JS2DX will deliver a technologically advanced data visualization platform. It will enable conversion of database SQL requests directly to complex, multipart Web GUI pages with graphing elements eliminating the need for client-side programming. While JS2DX is suitable for stand-alone Web GUI programming it will act as a client-side driver translating serialized data generated by Sprout into Web GUI components.
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