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Project management, Telecommunication Engineering, creating and running a Telco technology company. Research and development, market development. In addition I have a seasoned staff of partners with extensive knowledge and backgrounds. Please see website.
EVS is seeking to partner with a development company that can rapidly develop the next generation VUI based information platform based on a (apple) SIRI like system. As the inventor and project manager I have developed a streamed line approach and concept that will create the next generation VUI based platform for the entire USA market. The revenue potential is in the 100's of millions based on less then .001% take rate. In addition our current research and date proves the real need for the technology to be available in the US market. We at EVS are seeking an ambitious team to partner with us to develop the application and host its services. For more information and to get an idea of our Patent protection and our capabilities please see our web site.
I currently have 11 years experience in the same start up EZ Scores and have streamlined the company into a new entity. The new company has a seasoned executive staff with all the right stuff in addition EVS owns the Patent needed in order to move forward with our newest application. Over the last 10 years I have created an VUI based application which can be used as the bench mark and guide line to create the next generation platform.
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for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
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