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Los Angeles
United States
Designer, Developer, Marketer
Intelligently conceptualizing ideas, getting things done, and making every project one that is accomplished not for the sake of getting it done, but for the love of the challenge to make it great and doing so.
I have a prototype product and a strategy to sell it. I'm not looking to get rich off this but to build a stream of residual income to pay the bills so I can focus on other projects.

I have already made one sale of $6,000 and strongly believe in my idea but when it comes to pitching and selling and meeting with people... I can't find the motivation.

I'm good at developing this. I need someone that's good at taking a good product and selling it.
Enlisted and served 4 years service in the Marine Corps, active duty, including a year in Iraq. Worked as a professional cameraman on multi-million dollar Hollywood movies (look me up on IMDb), self-educated myself in half a dozen programming languages, developed my first computer videogame before I could legally drive back when we used those giant floppy disks the size of your hand.., self taught myself objective-c and developed a native iOS enterprise application which is available on iTunes and owned by me still, lived and worked in 3 countries other than the United States, graduated college as salutatorian, graduated grade school without ever being a sophomore (skipped a grade).
half time (20h/week)
unfortunately nothing

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to join someone who has a good idea for a startup
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half time (20h/week)

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