Biz developer (28)
Minneapolis, MN, United States

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Biz developer
Minneapolis, MN
United States
Designer, Marketer, Sales person
Build business relationships with local businesses and venues to expand brand awareness and sell/market products throughout our local market. Coordinating public events and marketing campaigns. Recruiting and hiring new employees. Overseeing financial and legal processes. Engaging customers and future partners through social media and local outlets. Overseeing and hiring for product design. Directing company and looking for funding opportunities.
Networking with startup founders and tech guys to bounce ideas of off and to collaborate. As well as to network for my cofounder to help me with my startup.
Built a website for my first startup, started social media, marketing and sales campaigns. Product design for 1st product and created crowdfunding and marketing strategies for funding and sales opportunities.
half time (20h/week)
up to 500

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United States

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The Airbnb of Charging.