HotFIND - Intelligent search agents

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Search for anything online using a set of search handlers. Do something with the results using a set of search result handlers.

Search Handlers are written in Java using a published interface so that anyone with some Java experience can create their own and submit them dynamically to the server for instant activation directly from the web browser.

A number of built in search handlers is already implemented using REST APIs for eBay , Google , Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook  and more. Specialized search handlers are also available for scraping the information off selected raw web pages (a few auto dealerships, CraigsList, popular discussion boards, etc). An algorithm allows to construct a flexible search criteria using complex regular expressions to make sure that only the most relevant results, but also the rarest conditions are found and matched.

Another published Search Results Handler interface is used to do something with the found search items.
The current beta works by using one kind of search results handler to email the found items to the search topic subscribers as soon as new items are found. Duplicates are intelligently eliminated.

Associating multiple search handlers with corresponding search results handlers constitutes a Search Application, which may be marketed as a separate entity. Example:

The main selling points are

  • To be able to schedule the search handlers to execute the searches that you'd frequently invoke manually or so to save time and not to miss out on anything that might be available (found) only for a very limited amount of time.

  • To be able to define a search using intelligent search criteria, which results in matching only the most relevant information yet without missing the least commonly expected important items

The revenue opportunities are in the following areas:

  • Defining useful Search Application of interest to multiple classes of end users charged a recurring subscription fee

  • Charging individual end users a small fee depending on the frequency of the execution of custom searches that they define

  • Providing advertising opportunities on a limited area of the web page using popular specialized Search Applications.

Note: HotFIND is a temporary working name.

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