Consumer mobile apps leveraging ML and Big Data

Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
As an expert in Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data, I believe an effective Blue Ocean strategy is to leverage these fields in consumer mobile apps, exploiting a wealth of green field opportunities. Currently ML and Big Data are heavily utilized to create business learnings and to power industrial applications, but consumer applications have traditionally been limited as the required…
The app Broadcast primarily focuses on allowing friends, primarily in the young adult demographic, to meet together with more ease than Facebook events and more organization than basic texting. Users can do everything from plan parties weeks in advance to getting some friends to go get lunch with them after school. The app is developed around the idea that successful…


Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
I have designed a self-service web application which is a live bidding, job management and secure payment platform to connect cleaning service providers with individuals (customers) who need their services. The app works a lot like Uber, however, of course it is not for transportation and the service providers do not work for ChoresToGo as employees or contractors. One may…
Modern companies are built on information. Yet, they are notoriously inefficient at organizing, preserving and delivering it, which leads to an array of issues that bear direct impact on productivity and the bottom-line. Traditional Intranets and file-sharing services are unable to address the problem effectively. Meemim is a platform that fixes this issue.Meemim is an enterprise collaboration platform designed to…

SAAS based Platform for Small businesses

Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
A 247 Billion industry which has yet to go on line is ripe for disruption. We identifed the pain points from personal experience, created the solutions, vetted the concept with industry experts, and are now looking for LOOKING FOR A CTO / CO-FOUNDER to join the team and build the MVP. We have is a professional pitch deck, Domain expert…

Develop and implement the marketing for the Whizometer

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Product manager
I have the whizometer tooled up for high volume manufacturing. This product can be viewed at I have not been successful in getting this to market. I am the inventor, engineer and the sole financial backer of the production tooling. The right partner for me will know how to develop and will implement a marketing and distribution plan. As…

Holistic Health marketplace

Looking for: Developer, Marketer is an innovative platform that brings together all professionals of holistic health in an international and specialized online eco system. The platform provides remote consultation services & procedures and connects health professionals with those seeking holistic and natural well being. The marketplace is wordpress based and up and running! I have already profiles set up as I was advertising…
Golf putting game that cross game platforms, XBOX V PS3, XBOX V Live player, Grand dad plays live against grandson on XBOX. Game, streaming media, putting clubs
Real time teaching online has already become a very mature industry, however it is limited by the nature of video conferencing. Bricks and mortar organisations are "old school" but they have many benefits over current online classrooms. With the maturation of virtual reality we now have the potential to bring the benefits of both together.I am a co-founder of a…

The Next Wave Accelerator

Looking for: Advisor, Marketer
The Problem- Scaling startups Solution- using reality tv Format already built "The Block in StartUp space" Cash Flow Rules,