personal risk analysis

Looking for: Engineer
i want to generate an algorithm that uses data from numerous sources to monitor personal risk or risk to businesses. i want to use data from sources such as twitter, facebook, texts, etc, to analyze how likely uncontrollable events are to affect an individual, and warn them if they are likely to experience things outside their control.

Online Marketing

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Online marketing can be very complex and for many businesses, individuals and seasoned specialists. It can be a minefield. Further the goal posts keep moving as Google evolves and the internet continues to develop at a fast pace. It does not matter if your experienced or just starting out, if there was a way to understand what you should be…

No more repetitive commercials on cable tv

Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Do you hate commercials? Do you channel surf in-between commercials? Well I have a great idea to bridge the commercial gap. (Product name to be determined still) will bridge that gap by allowing you to watch something else during commercial breaks. My idea is to use something similar to an android stick/ mini pc to allow the consumer to watch…

Edulo (Education Locator)

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Edulo helps to facilitate student in making decision and registering for their future education by enabling them to explore and search by careers, field, skills and other factors.Edulo also facilitate course provider to find students that are most likely to enrol in their courses by the process of market segmentation through the use of advance database technology
A review site and geo-location guide for hospitality, eating places and events in cities and towns in the Philippines. If successful, site can then be scaled to cover Southeast Asia, the fastest growing region in the world today. Geared for locals as well as visitors, the site will focus on Asian preferences for lodging, eating out and local events.Revenue will…

Enterprise, Ecommerce and Mobile App Development Company

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Product manager
Evince Development is a well-known E-commerce and Mobile App Development Company Offers Ecommerce Open Source, Microsoft Software, Mobile App Development Services to the clients globally.

Online diagnostics

Looking for: Sales person
Online diagnostics and predictive maintenance for an syncronous generators. Detailed info on Website. This project has a patent for the invention and have a working version of the program.
We are looking for a kickass designer who wants to help us in designing UI/UX of our website! You must be experienced (or equally qualified) and be willing to jump all the obstacles in a startup.If you think you can handle the pressure and create a experience for the customer that will put AirBnB to shame. MESSAGE ME NOW!!!
There's a huge intention-action gap for millennials when it comes to managing their money. Traditional budgets and graphs don't work. Automated savings is no substitute for behavior change. Pluto is the actionable personal finance app designed to help millennials afford the things they really need and want, by directly tying their everyday spending behavior to their saving goals in a…

Business partner for BnB service portal

Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
 BNBUP is a portal that connects people who are offering different kind of services to help BnB hosts manage better their location. Our service is a portal referencing freelancers who have an understanding of the flexibility and the personal service needed in the BnB industry (flexible timing, understanding of the policies etc.)The BNBUP portal is a perfect fit into the…