We are looking to target the UK and then possibly Malaysia. I already have a developer on the team but we are looking to increase the team members. Please contact me if you are interested from any where in the world.

APP Turismo

Looking for: Other
Estoy iniciando una Startup tecnológica de ámbito nacional, enfocada al sector de turismo y más concretamente al ocio y las actividades. Dada la dimensión del proyecto, estoy en fase de inserción de talentos de las diferentes áreas, para emprender desde el principio y dándoles la oportunidad de aportar sus conocimientos. Estoy acabando el plan de la empresa, junto con el…

The next big thing

Looking for: Biz developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager
I am looking for partners..I want to combine already existing technology into a new experience that covers everything from culture to entertainment,from religon to social interactions to music to gaming even outer space,This is the future.This new form of entertaiment will be ever expanding ,it will keep reinventing itself. Adapting and expanding to users needs,The exact details will be only…
Oversimplification aside, KnowledgeWorthy starts off like a “hotornot for research,” and quickly becomes much more. Our 1-pager and screenshots of our fully functional beta can be found at https://www.scireach.org/listing/knowledgeworthy/ . Today, when you go to a conference alongside thousands of conference-goers, finding new collaborators is almost entirely a matter of blind luck, tedious scouting prep, or your idiosyncratic professional clique.…

Starting a Graphic Design Business

Looking for: Biz developer, Product manager, Sales person
Hi! I am a freelance graphic/website designer looking to expand my business. I am currently doing website design and other graphic design collateral for ad agencies. I'd like to shift my focus to work directly with clients. I'm not great with sales so I need someone who can compliment my skill set! It would great to find someone who has…

Global Gold bullion marketplace

Looking for: Biz developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager
Leveraging from our existing gold operations. and Flow2b platform development.Build a global marketplace for gold trading.

Bullion Trading

Looking for: Product manager
We already have bulliondeals.co.nzGrowing and expanding trading throughout Australasia and Globally.Core competency is innovating and optimizing eCommerce.

Board management workflow application

Looking for: Designer, Developer
Paperless workflow application designed to support UK companies.Give SMEs the tools to not only be compliant with Companies Act regulations but support them to promote good governance.I have done market research and already have clients that will benefit from this product.I've got STACKS of experience in the industry (qualified accountant and award winning business mentor) but no idea about design…
I have invented a new process of a very fast maturation of whisky, brandy and rhum. I can make aromas / tastes of 3 or 4 (three or four) years old whisky within 5 days. Customer will use a groupon style marketplace to order his/her "whisky", I call it bhyski – whisky made from beer. The group of customers will…