We've created something awesome, really. We were pretty much ready to launch it, but then we realized that there are people out there who can make our startup even better. People, who are creative, people who love what they do and do what they love, people who can contribute their skills to the project. People just like us. Now a…
We created an online platform which combines the cloud storage purpose with the social network features. We already launched and got good feedbacks. Now we want to expand our team and are looking for an app developer as a co founder.We are looking for app developers who are passioned about their work and believes in our project :)
 Reality TV show that Interviews professional athletes and members of the entertainment community (Models, celebrities, rappers,) at their homes or on the road to discuss the significance of their tattoosThe influence of athletes and entertainers making tattoos acceptable in mainstream America. Why did they get a tattoo? Self Expression? Artistic freedom? Did someone close to them pass away and the…

Developer Product Partner

Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Sales person
Developers Product Partner. I have a new hardware with and API and an SDK in Linux for you to Modify it to fit the need of my clients in Mexico. I been selling this type of products for more than ten years and I have a network of sales associates ready to sell this product, so risk is minimum. You…

First truely decentralized CryptoCurrency Exchange

Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Marketer
We live in a world where the public is paying more and more attention to cryptocurrencies, so do governments, banks and big corporations.New crypto startups are emerging on daily basis and flooding the market, unfortunately most of those startups are either pseudo innovative or simple fake projects which aim to sell as many coins as possible during their initial coin…

Crowd-funded television platform

Looking for: Advisor, Developer
How much per episode are you willing to spend for tv shows you watch? As a subscriber, subscribe to the shows you want to watch. As a content creator, you'll have one platform to raise funds and stream content. An example of a tv show that can benefit from a system like this is Renegades (http://renegades.show/home/).

Orifices:The lingerie line for uninhibited women

Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Other
A disruptive e-commerce lingerie line that caters to women that want a more intimate experience with their undergarments for themselves, husbands, boyfriends, or significant others.A female investor/partner would be ideal to provide insight on the psychological buying habits of women.This idea sells the world, rather than single neighborhood or city.Inelastic demand-This is a product that consumers need or desire-almost regardless…

Need launching help for www.gostyling.com

Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
GoStyling is a complete free online booking system which also helps salons to get new customers and make it easy for the customers to locate the salon.Look here: https://youtu.be/ynfOuSWKPyg GoStyling can also be used for providers that want to offer their services at customers home.There is a lot of skilled person that can perform beautyservice in their own home.Its also…

Patient-Wellness Matching Service

Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager
I am trying to build:"Match.com meets Teladoc for Functional Medicine"Background:Functional Medicine is a field of medicine that keeps digging for the "why" of disease/dysfunction using function-based testing modalities and food/nutrition/nutricuticals to address the dysfunctions. There are hundreds to thousands of trained Functional Medicine providers around the country, most of them are not Physicians.Problem from Patient perspective:Chronic diseases require a holistic…
This is a unique opportunity to join a business at the early stages. We beta launched our product to the market in October 2017. We will be starting an investment drive in February 2018 after our hard launch. We need a talented lead developer, who will evolve into a CTO and work with us on an ad hoc consulting basis…