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virtual city

  • Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer
"virtual city" is a big virtual planet in  3d onilne platform,  that every users can join and use it for many reasons such as:- fun and entertainment- business2business activities- running a new online business- using new medias- ...it also abled to have many type of incomes , here are some samples:- advertising ( direct ads. / intelegent ads. / targeted…

Tourism Photo previewer

  • Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
Photo preview for Tourism - When traveling/adventuring all these tourism agencies take your pictures and then try to sell you the package for a ridiculous amount, I am working on a solution that they can upload all your photos, let you preview any ones you want to buy. Then you can buy selected ones or the whole package. We would…

Find the wines that taste good to you!

  • Looking for: Designer, Developer
It's an app that identifies the wines from large retailers like Safeway and BevMo that will taste good to you, based on your personal flavor preferences. While you're at the store get recommendations for good gifts, to bring to a party, to impress, and matches for food. Pay $2 monthly and be alerted to limited special wine deals and values available near…


  • Looking for: Designer
Ever wanted to say something on FB or twitter but mom, grandma and that kid you hate down the road can see and comment, so you didn't and it just made you grumpy? Well with Vent you don'y have to be so grumpy anymore. Say whatever you want, however you want.

Partner required for a Marketing portal

  • Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
Ever wondered to start up !!! I am looking for an a very passionate entrepreneur who would want to start up in the online industry. The project has immense potential as there is no one doing this kind of work in the market. People with prior experience in the media planning industry would be preferred. However talent from any field…

Social networking website

  • Looking for: Developer
The idea is to basically build a social networking website that caters to needs of people or more than that.Assistant in a way.
We have a developed prototype that alerts when local government is meeting about any topic of interest to our subscribers. We have a lot of interest from many business, advocacy and government sectors. In addition to these basic alerts there are many paths we can pursue that will create value for many sectors. Our mission is to learn quickly, iterate…

100% Natural Products: Retail

  • Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer
I would like to start a retail industry that sells strictly naturally made products. Not meaning from only local makers...from main companies like Burt's Bees, Alba...etc. Many people can find "some" products in stores but I want to brand this to be a global and naturally free product business where we get natural and culturally diversed products. People will look…
Want to create a new fashion line; maybe starting from swimming suits. Need someone that can design the products., and a website developer. The idea is to start as an e-commerce...for more details on how to push the e-commerce , if interested ask.

Not just another job site.

  • Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Other
I have a job seeker/employer website idea that takes the best of all the jobsites plus a few of my own.  i have a creative way to make all employees and employers year round customers wether they are hired or not.  i have researched all job sites and eliminated all the wrong ways to go about the hiring process online.…
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