We have similar to the taxi apps business - Venture Capital/Funding/Investors, etc;... are welcome. Other industry - Sand and Rocks, Quarrying, Reconstituted Limestone Block manufacture plants.

Easier for taxi passengers to hail cabs using geolocation on mobile. Concept includes incentives as people generally respond well when what they do have incentives by mileage points convertible to prizes. Easier for taxi operators in the Philippines to monitor their cab.
Uber is great, right? But what if there are traffic jams everywhere? Uber can't help there!

Introducing Uber-Chopper! Simply get a chopper pick you up, no matter where you are. It will fly you to your destination in minutes.
Sure, a trip will be a bit more on the expensive side but time is money, too, right? Right? See, so get the App and call an Uber-Chopper today!
Ever needed a taxi, but didn't know the number or didn't know the address where you were? Would it be great if you could see where your taxi is coming so you could go outside just at the right moment?

Or wouldn't it be great for individual taxi drivers if they could easily get notified of the nearby customers or they could even let them know that a taxi is available? We are set out to do just that! 

The key is going to be the ease at which anyone in the world can start using it. Just download the app to your phone, input some info and your ready. No expensive dispatch systems or middle-men taking a cut.

We already have the basic platform almost done and ready to launch in a few months: mobile smartphone app, SMS, integration to payment providers and social media etc.

We're looking for co-founders who can take charge of the new company. Marketing and sales background preferred.